About Dundalk

Dundalk is the largest provincial town in Ireland.  Situated on the North-East coast, mid-way between Dublin and Belfast, it is also less than one hour’s travel time from Drogheda, Navan, Monaghan, Newry and other centres of employment.

The strategic location of Dundalk, in the economic corridor between Belfast and Dublin, coupled with the fact that it is a college town, makes it a prime location to benefit from the developing economy North and South. The town has been completely transformed economically over the past fifteen years with the arrival of a host of high technology, highly skilled industries. Many famous household names have large facilities here - eBay, PayPal, ABB, Xerox and BoylesSorts, to name but a few.

Ó Fiaich Institute of Further Education cultivated a close relationship with local employers to ensure that the content of all courses is relevant to the needs of our economic community. In addition, this relationship ensures that there is a steady supply of varied work experience which is a constituent module of all courses. Many further education graduates obtain employment as soon as they complete their programme of study while a large percentage proceed to higher education.

The presence of The Dundalk Institute of Technology ensures that there is a large third level student population in the town during the college year. Appropriate facilities are in place to cater for the needs of these young people namely accommodation, secretarial services, budget restaurants and fast food outlets. Not surprisingly, there are also many recreational facilities laid on to ensure that students do not miss out on a good social life. Cinema, theatre, pubs, discos and concerts are all available in abundance for those who can pull themselves away from their books occasionally! For those who prefer the great outdoors it is important to remember that no part of Dundalk is more than five minutes away from the countryside. Scenery to beat anywhere in the country can be found around Dundalk in particular in the Cooley Peninsula, where hill walking is very popular. All in all, students in Dundalk get a very good deal - the life and fun of a booming town, side by side with the peace and tranquillity of the country.

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