College Statement - COVID-19 - April 3rd 2020

Dear PLC Students,

On behalf of the management and staff of Ó Fiaich Institute, we thank you for the high level of engagement and cooperation demonstrated by all PLC students over the past two weeks.

It is no exaggeration to say that this year has been like no other throughout the lifetime of OFI and the conclusion of the academic year may be achieved without our educational community coming together on campus as was the norm before COVID-19 struck.


The ability of our students to adapt to this new and very strange reality is a testament to your innate ability and strength of character which will stand by you for the challenges that may lie ahead during this crisis and beyond. Please continue to do your best and to obtain the highest possible results from your chosen course. Do not let the very unique circumstances, which have occurred, stand in your way of progressing towards your life goal or career path.

The teachers of OFI have been amazing. Although we are a very technologically advanced college, our established mode of delivery has been classroom based. This has also been turned on its head and the willingness and ability of your teachers and coordinators to take on board this massive change is amazing. Remember they are there for you and will do anything they can to ensure you get the best from this year at college.

In this new world timelines are blurred and it is difficult to know what day of the week it is. As we approach Easter, it is important to understand that tomorrow marks the beginning of the Easter holidays when the OFI community should benefit from a rest and a chance to revise and prepare for final exams. Please keep organised and focused and remember that exams are coming shortly after the Easter break.

Please keep safe and healthy. Remember that the strict regime which has been very well thought through and implemented by our government is not easy but is doing a good job to keep us all safe. Keep safe and ensure all those close to you are safe.

You and your teachers are a credit to the spirit of OFI and to our country.

We look forward to celebrating your achievement at your graduation ceremony when all this is over.

Happy Easter

Yours sincerely,

Padraig McGovern
Ó Fiaich Institute 

Shane Williams
Deputy Principal
Ó Fiaich Institute 



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