Pre-University Computing

Course Aim

Pre-University Computing students gain a blend of skills that is essential in supporting, developing and maintaining IT infrastructure. This course includes a broad range of concepts in IT including; programming, software applications, web design and networks. This equips the learner with the necessary skills and knowledge required to progress to a degree programme in this area.


Learners will complete a combination of the following:

  • Mobile Technologies
  • Fundamentals of Object Orientated Programming
  • Software Architecture
  • Maths for IT
  • Work Experience
  • Database Methods
  • Web Authoring
  • Computer Systems Hardware
  • Spreadsheet Methods
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Networking Essentials


Qualification Obtained

QQI Level 5 Major Award (5M0529) in Software Development


Entry Requirements

All our Level 5 PLC courses are open to school leavers (Leaving Cert/ Leaving Cert Applied Students/A Levels/GCSE or equivalent), QQI Level 4 graduates and mature applicants. A QQI Level 5 award is a prerequisite to access a Level 6 programme.

Higher Education

AIT | Software Design with Mobile Apps and Connected Devices | Level 8
DKIT | BSc (Hons) in Computing| Level 8
NUIG | Education (Computer Science & Mathematical Studies)| Level 8
NUIM | Robotics & Intelligent Devices | Level 8
TU Dublin | Computer Science | Level 8
UCC | Business Information Systems| Level 8
UCC | Computer Science | Level 8
UCD | Computer Science | Level 8

Career Prospects

Following the successful completion of the Pre-University Arts programme, you may progress to a degree which can lead to a career in:

  • Software Engineering
  • Networking
  • IT & Cyber Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Web Development
  • IT Consultancy
  • Mobile App Development
  • Robotics



Student Services Costs: €200

Government Levy (PPC): €200

The following categories of participant are exempt from paying the Government Levy (PPC):

  • Full medical Card holders in their own right and their dependent children
  • Those who are eligible under the student grant scheme
  • Those in receipt of the Back to Education Allowance (BTEA)


QQI Certification Charge:

  • QQI Level 5 €50
  • QQI Level 6 €80


Fees charged by professional bodies - These will be outlined under Additional fees for applicable courses.

Additional costs which may include: Books, uniforms, equipment and trips.



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